Stefana Nemanje 6, 71123 East Sarajevo +387 57 340 305


The Department of Periodicals, consisting of 584 titles, 2,368 annual publications and three times as many volumes, also does cataloging and analytical article processing. About 2,802 articles have been processed up to the present. The Department of Periodicals is very noticeable in scientific research, in the preparation of diploma and master's theses along with doctoral dissertations. There is significant cooperation with the Faculty of Philosophy in Pale, the Faculty of Orthodox Theology in Foča, the Faculty of Political Science in Sarajevo, the Department of Anthropology at the University of Milan and the Faculty of Political Science and International Studies in Warsaw.

Beyond the seminars attended by the librarians, the department offers library tours for pupils and students in order to get acquainted with the work and capabilities of the Department. Another significant work of the Department is the preparation of bibliographies such as: Bibliography of the Serbian Press Agency; personal bibliographies of Ph.D. Professor Josip Lešić and Ph.D. Professor Đuro Svrdlin; bibliography of Dante's Divine Comedy in the Balkans; preparation for processing (often typing whole articles and texts), sorting and saving hundreds of pages of published articles (Risto Trifković, Simo Klarić, Đuro Svrdlin). The Department also prepares, corrects and arranges manuscripts for printing.