Stefana Nemanje 6, 71123 East Sarajevo +387 57 340 305


The Department of Foreign Book has at its disposal 8,000 books written in foreign languages of which English language books are the most dominant. Library heritage consists of 1,400 books in French, 1,250 in German, 1,300 in Russian and approximately 250 books in Italian, Greek and Norwegian. The functioning of the Department is reflected in a variety of activities, not only in readers' instruction but also in participation in seminars throughout the Republic of Srpska and surroundings.   The Department of Foreign Book possesses rich and valuable collection of books in the Gothic, black letter style. Each book is bibliographically processed and enriched with a translated catalogue card indicating that our librarians have a good knowledge of languages and scripts, even when it comes to forgotten scripts.  Sometimes, the users are provided with the necessary information about the Internet resources. Regular users are holders of their reader's cards and their folders with collected content as well. The Internet search of the Balkan COBISS Platform is regular, therefore if the library does not possess a specific book it becomes a coordinator in finding information for the user and a mediator in inter-library lending.