Stefana Nemanje 6, 71123 East Sarajevo +387 57 340 305


Central Library of East Sarajevo is the most developed library in this area. The Ministry of Education and Culture has assigned us the function of central library for the territory of Sarajevo-Romanija region. This means that we supervise and provide care for the development of the library information network for all types of libraries operating in the municipalities of Han Pijesak, Rogatica, Sokolac, Pale, East Ilidža, East New Sarajevo and Trnovo.

Since its establishment in 1996, the Central Library of East Sarajevo has been the most important library and information center of the Sarajevo-Romanija region. The library encompasses the area of 852 square meters and 12 rooms. Also, the library has 230 square meters at its disposal for closed access shelving of materials and 50 square meters of exhibition hall. The library collections are located on 2, 215 meters of shelvings.

Central Library of East Sarajevo has a book collection of 118 000 monographic publications of which 42 000 are technical and scientific books and 8 000 books in foreign languages. Also, we possess rich reference collection consisting of encyclopedias, dictionaries, lexicons, reference books and bibliographies.

Main tasks of the Library are defined by the Library Function Law, Cultural Property Law as well as international standards and guidelines for the operation of public libraries. The tasks of the library serve for the realization of goals of general interest in library information function which implies that Library provides its users with access to knowledge in order to fulfill their collective interests and freedoms. These objectives are met through the services the library provides through its departments: Department of Fiction, Department of Technical and Scientific Book, Department of Foreign Book, Department of Periodicals, Department for Blind and Visually Impaired, Electronic Reading Room and Children's Branch Library.

Due to our excellent cooperation with faculty libraries operating in the City of East Sarajevo we actively assist faculty librarians in the implementation and harmonization of library standards (we organize professional seminars and maintain library software). We have provided significant assistance with the implementation of WINISIS software program. At the present time, we assist with the implementation of COBISS 3.

In addition to material capacities (bookstore, photocopier and bookbindery), educated and motivated staff is our most important resource. Taking into account human resources, the library successfully connects with numerous institutions, organizations and institutes in the country and surroundings.

We successfully cooperate with the Goethe Institute, the British Council Library, the Institute for Foreign Languages in Belgrade, the Faculty of Philology in Belgrade, the Matica srpska, the Department of Librarianship in Belgrade, the Faculty of Teacher Education in Sombor etc. The library is a member of the BiH IT Association and ECDL Test Centre and a successful organizer of courses in foreign languages and computer courses.

The library has been awarded for its work many times. It has been awarded the ‘Đorđe Pejanović’ award for the best library in the Republic of Srpska as well as the ‘Đorđe Pejanović’ award for the best librarian. Furthermore, the library has been awarded the Silver Plaque of the City, the Charter of the Municipality of East Sarajevo, etc.