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Nedeljko Neđo Šipovac's Legacy (1938-2010) is a private library of the writer, novelist, essayist, poet and academician Neđo Šipovac that he bequeathed to the Central Library. The legacy contains 1976 monographic publications, numerous periodicals and non-book materials (paper foils, journals, photos, diplomas, mentions, acknowledgements, portraits and letters of thanks). Monographic publications are found in works of philosophy, religion, fiction (domestic and foreign writers), literary criticism and the social studies. The most prominent publishing houses are: Veselin Masleša, Serbian Literary Guild, Svjetlost, Prosveta, Naprijed, and Riječ i misao. The legacy includes paintings, belongings and furniture (a curved work table with a chair). The library material has been processed according to international library standards and is recorded in the alphabetical and electronic catalog. As a separate library unit, the legacy of Neđo Šipovac is physically separated from the rest of the fund.

The legacy consists of:

  1. Works of fiction (poetry, tales, short novels, novels, travel stories, essays, literary criticisms),
  2. Dictionaries,
  3. Works in foreign languages (mostly Italian),
  4. The manuscript ''All Women of Ivo Andrić'', published in 2012 by the Central library of East Sarajevo,
  5. The portraits of Aleksa Šantić, Petar Petrović Njegoš, the portrait of Neđo Šipovac by Milić from Mačva, ''Bosnian Pot'' by Tomislav Suhecki,
  6. Decision of the Academy of Sciences and Arts of the Republic of Srpska on the election of Nedeljko Šipovac as a full member of the Academy, September 5, 2008.
  7. 'Ivo Andrić' Academy award for lifetime achievement of Nedeljko Šipovac, Belgrade, December 12, 2006.
  8. Sixth April Award of Sarajevo for a book of tales 'Sami', Sarajevo, April 6, 1975.
  9. Plaque of the City of Mostar for the successful organization of Mostar's cultural events and literary work dedicated to Herzegovina, City of Mostar, February 2, 1988.
  10. Development cooperation charter of the Zenica City Museum, City of Zenica, April 12, 1977.
  11. Literature award 'Aleksa Šantić', photographs, brochures, correspondences, letters of thanks, etc.

The Legacy of Mirko Šarović (1956- ), a politician and a former president of the Republic of Srpska, is an open intake book collection and is composed of 578 bibliographic units (monographic publication), allocated in a special inventory book, processed with a short unit record and placed in an exhibit case by current inventory number. Monographs and technical books of local and foreign authors Mr. Šarović received visiting foreign statesmen and diplomats while performing the function of the Republic of  Srpska's president are an integral part of the legacy.

The Legacy of Risto Trifković (1924-1994), a storyteller, novelist, essayist, literary critic and historian, is a private library of 1024 books, 60 periodicals, and over a thousand sheets of manuscripts, correspondences, cuttings, reports, medical reports, documents and postcards. In June 2014, the family of Risto Trifković donated his private library to the Central Library of East Sarajevo. The material is allocated in a special inventory book and divided into 5 groups. The first group consists of 1099 fiction books by various local and foreign authors. The second group of 18 books contains Trifković's own works (11 titles, 14 copies) and works in which Trifković appears as an author of one part of the book (4 titles, 4 copies). The third group consists of the books Trifković edited (78 titles, 83 copies). Newspapers and magazines form the fourth group of the legacy. The fifth group contains 1098 manuscript sheets, correspondences and personal documents.  

The Legacy of Vojislav Maksimović (1935- ) is his private library, which he donated to the Central Library of East Sarajevo. The legacy comprises books, periodicals, manuscripts, correspondences, photographs and documents that have been given for permanent storage and use. The Library will protect and preserve the importance and value of the legacy. The legacy is composed of 2349 monographic publications of various forms and genres and 946 journal copies.

Vojislav Maksimović is a professor emeritus, writer, literary historian, and the holder of two high decorations: the Order of the Republic of Srpska with a Ribbon (1994) and the Order of Nemanjić dynasty (1996).

Vojislav Maksimović has begun his literary career in his student days, publishing poems and after completing his studies he wrote various literary forms-essays, reviews, course of study, stories, novels and poetic prose more intensively.



The Central Library of East Sarajevo has been enriched with the legacy of Đorđe Pejanović. The books, which are being processed, were donated by Đorđe Pejanović’s granddaughter, Mrs. Beba Čagorović. Various documents, manuscripts and documentary material testify to the teaching, library, bibliographic and educational work of Đorđe Pejanović.

Đorđe Pejanović was a Serbian intellectual, bibliographer, educator and the founder of Serbian cultural societies. He was a Serbian political activist against Austro-Hungarian occupation, a member of the Serbian national societies for national enlightenment and liberation from Austro-Hungarian occupation. Pejanović was one of the lead editors of the Serbian cultural society Prosvjeta in Sarajevo, a member of a secret society and the editor of the newspaper Srpska riječ. He was the president of the Serbian Singing Society Bratstvo from Pljevlja. Pejanović was the editor of the Vardar newspaper from Skopje and a collaborator of the Serbian newspapers in Sarajevo such as Srpska riječ, Pogled and Narod. Being the chief librarian of the Serbian Central Library in Sarajevo, Đorđe Pejanović founded the Serbian Amateur Theater in Sarajevo. The award of the Librarians’ Association of the Republic of Srpska is named after Đorđe Pejanović and is given to the best library and librarian.