Stefana Nemanje 6, 71123 East Sarajevo +387 57 340 305


The mission of the Central Library of East Sarajevo is based on the endeavor to respond to the needs and requirements of the citizens through selected and professional services that encourage the reading and use of library services. Furthermore, these services contribute to citizens being well informed, the enrichment of education and cultural life of each individual and community as well. 

Applying the latest technologies and in accordance with the principles of the Constitution of the Republic of Srpska, Copenhagen Declaration on the Role of Public Libraries in the European Union, UNESCO and IFLA documents, the Public Library Manifesto, library services should be provided to all citizens of East Sarajevo and the region, regardless of age, race or nationality, religious commitment and political preferences.

The basic objectives of the Library's activity are as follows:

  • to meet the community requirements for traditional library materials and services
  • to meet the community requirements for new information technologies and its information literacy
  • to meet the community requirements for AV materials
  • to meet the right conditions to project the growth of materials and new services and technological support as well
  • to provide access to all citizens, including the handicapped
  • to be traffic accessible

Library tasks:

  • to be widely recognized informational, educational, media and cultural center of the City, intended for all citizens
  • to serve as a library and information facility to the University of East Sarajevo
  • to serve as a community center for communication and social impact
  • to be logistical and infrastructural center of its branch libraries and to serve as the library network of its area
  • to become the basis for the virtual library, a place where the book and the computer screen exist in harmony
  • that its space is perceived by citizens as a landscape dominated by knowledge, but also a place where they will be able to experience new things, play and socialize
  • to provide the atmosphere of a multi-purpose living room


The library as an information center should provide its users immediate access to all kinds of knowledge stored in their own collections as well as in electronically available sources.

The library as an educational center should provide basic conditions for lifelong learning, providing the necessary infrastructure and supporting all levels of formal education, self-education and lifelong education.

The library, as a community cultural center, should improve awareness of cultural heritage, appreciation and understanding of all kinds of art. At the same time, the Central Library should develop and nurture reading habits and provide the opportunities for personal creative development of each individual.

As the communication center and the local access to knowledge and information, the Library should become a meeting place for individuals and groups, irrespective of age, gender, religious and national orientation and social status.

By providing free access to information and services to all citizens on equal terms, the library should enable their active, creative participation in democratic processes thus contributing to the society progress as a whole.